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  • Why Ben & Gaws?
    German Design Standard (DIN 1055) is considered. Heavy Structure designed for maximum wind or seismic load. Zinc-Alume steel offers best surface protection – against corrosion. Maximum life guaranteed. Best price available in the market. Served in differential industry verticals from FMCG to Oil & Gas. 82% Blue-chip & PSU end-users with 90% repeat business. Quality is the primary focus. Safety at site and workplace maintained strictly. Fastest growing Steel Storage manufacturer. Govt. of India (DIPP) Recognized
  • What is Ben & Gaws?
    BEN & GAWS PVT. LTD, has grown to become one of the most preferred privately-owned engineering company by manufacturing superior and innovative ‘bolted panel’ grain storage silos and liquid storage tanks. Our engineering and technical expertise combined with exceptional qualities and continuous focus on customer satisfaction put us at the forefront of ‘liquid storage tanks’ manufacturing sector. STORAGE TANK CONSTRUCTION: ZINCALUME-high tensile-corrugated bolted steel panels made outer shell along with high tensile inside liner or membrane guarantees long term safe storage for the variety of liquid with zero leakage or contamination. ANTI-CORROSION LIFE: Marine-grade ZINCALUME steel offers probably the best available surface protection on earth against corrosion even in harsh environments like coastal regions, regions with high rainfall or snowfall or environments with high acidic or alkaline presence. BRUTE STRENGTH: High tensile corrugated steel wall externally supported with ‘W’ type stiffeners and studs, sheared from black carbon steel, provides maximum strength to the storage tank and increases its load-carrying capacity. INSIDE LINER: Liners are prefabricated as one ‘bag’ or ‘bladder’ to fit inside the storage tank and to hold the liquid inside. Liners guarantee zero leakage of liquid and no direct contact between the stored liquid and the storage tank steel wall to restrict corrosion on steel wall and contamination in the liquid. Liners are fabricated from high tensile PVC, TPU or EPDM fabrics with food-grade, anti-algae, anti-static, fire-retardant and anti-cracking properties.
  • Why Choose Our Grain Storage Soils?
    Yes! Users can add video from YouTube or Vimeo with ease: 50 years life expectancy Made with ‘Zinc-Aluminum-Alloy Brute strength Cost effective compared to godown Less space consumption No corrosion even in the harshest environment Light weight- bolted-modular structure Zero grain wastage Zero seepage Proper fumigation possible Proper aeration possible Grain quality intact over a year time No color change Inbuild grain conditioning system Fewer aeration fans operation Easy moisture control No Contamination Easy and fast installation Easy and cost-effective shipment Less manpower required Minimum grain handling loss 100% safety from rodents, birds, cattle
  • Why Choose Our Storage Tanks?
    50 years life expectancy Made with ‘Zinc-Aluminum-Alloy’ Brute strength Cost effective No corrosion even in harshest environment Light weight- bolted-modular structure Zero leakage Zero seepage No Contamination Easy and fast Installation Easy and cost-effective shipment Capable to handle wide pH range Easily relocation possible
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