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About Us

BEN & GAWS PVT. LTD has grown to become one of the most preferred privately-owned engineering company for manufacturing sector by developing and utilizing cloud fabrication concept and end to end tracking of complete project with the help of its own unique technological platform that not only helps customers to place order easily with better cost and faster delivery and multi-layer quality inspection.
Our vetted vendor network has delivered projects worldwide with exceptional delivery timelines and impeccable quality standard with cost benefits.
Headquartered in New Delhi, India, BEN & GAWS follows the latest German standard for designing, product development, and manufacturing, as an alternative, it also offers the latest American and Indian standards depending on end-user’s requirement, location, and nature of the application. 

JHM 3000 MT X3.jpeg

Our Mission

We are working to revolutionize manufacturing sector and transform the way traditional manufacturing companies work using technology to deliver not only better products but optimized in terms of cost and delivery.
At Ben and Gaws, we are working to develop an intelligent technology platform that will help in defining new era of manufacturing because we live in a generation where we must be able to anticipate what the future will require. We are therefore not here to provide the mundane, the tested or the obsolete. 

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