Fire can break out at any place, at any time due to number of different reasons and when it breaks out, it causes huge damage of property as well as life. Therefore, housing societies, factories and various offices are now paying great attention towards the measures necessary for safeguarding life and property from fire. One of the most important things being used for this purpose is fire water tank. These tanks are being used nowadays at almost all industrial areas, commercial buildings, housing societies, government offices and village areas also. The importance of these tanks is that, they make the water available and reachable easily, in case the fire breaks out suddenly and help to prevent the damage done by the fire in large extent. These tanks are in greater demand due to rules set by the government for fire safety and fire safety being included as the must have thing by insurance agencies. This means that, these tanks are really an essential thing to have. So, let’s try to know about few things related to fire water storage tanks.

What is a fire water tank?

A fire water tank, which can also be called as fire protection tank is used to control the hazardous effects caused by the fire. It holds the water in large amount, which can be used to extinguish the fire. This type of water tanks is the water resource which can deliver adequate amount of water to extinguish the fire in timely manner. For last few years, there are grounded water tanks being used for fire safety purpose. These tanks are of three types. Bolted steel tanks, welded steel tanks and concrete tanks. The largest of them are bolted steel tanks which can hold up to 35,00,000 gallons of water. Generally, the for-fire protection purpose, the capacity of the tank must be up to 2,50,000 gallons. These means that, bolted steel tanks are the best for this purpose. They definitely increase water storage of the infrastructure. These storage tanks are widely used in remote areas to store large amount of water, says a fire water storage tank manufacturer.

The working of fire water storage tank

  • Almost all commercial and residential properties have opted to install fire protection tanks in order to ensure safety if the fire breaks out. Having these tanks makes sure that authorities gain immediate access to water at the time of fire emergency. This eliminates the worry of having shortage of water during fire break out. Most of the tanks are installed above the ground and a ladder is attached to it in order to gain proper access.
  • As mentioned earlier, installation of these tanks has made mandatory by the government and insurance industry. This step has been taken to ensure the safety of workers, important documents, machinery and other things in the building, neighbours and the surrounding areas.
  • Fire water tanks may cost you a significant amount of money. However, it is a cost-effective thing to invest on. If a fire breaks out suddenly and you don’t have any facility to control it, there will huge loss of property as well as human life. This loss will be much more than what you have to invest on water tank. So, it is better to be preventive, than facing consequences.
  • This is an onsite source of water, which can be reached easily by fire fighters and their equipment, which helps in extinguishing the fire quickly and safely.
  • Fire protection tanks can be attached with sprinkler systems in residential and commercial buildings. As their capacity to store the water is large, the sprinklers can be used for longer period of time, as per the requirements, says a fire water tank manufacturer.
  • The tanks supplied and installed by fire water storage tank manufacturers and combined with the fire safety systems are designed according to the fire safety standards set by the authorities and hence they protect you from getting fined for defiance with those standards.

What is the cost of fire water storage tanks?

Fire protection tanks are manufactured and installed for fulfilling multiple requirements of commercial and residential infrastructures. These tanks can be designed and developed with unique features and can be integrated with different facilities. Due to this, the costing of the tanks shows variations. The best to choose out of the available tanks is the one which is suitable for your requirements depending upon the type of the property, location and the size required. If you specify the details to fire water tank manufacturer, they will provide you the estimated price.

Safeguarding the employees, residents and non-living things present at the building from the fire is very important and a fire water storage tanks can be a great help in this purpose. So, install one at your property and be safe from the hazardous effects of fire.