Ben & Gaws provides specific solutions to address challenges faced by Wastewater Industry. Rainwater harvesting primarily consists of the collection, storage and subsequent use of captured rainwater as either the principal or as a supplementary source of water. The need to save water and reuse rainfall is a necessary. As the population grows, demand on mains water continues to rise. With consumer demand for companies to reduce their environmental impact, rainwater harvesting is increasingly sought after to provide water for domestic, commercial, institutional and industrial purposes as well as agriculture, livestock, groundwater recharge, flood control, process water and as an emergency supply for fire fighting.

Why Harvest Rainwater?

It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses and commercial entities to reduce their environmental impact across the entirety of their operations.

Rainwater harvesting is an extremely cost effective method of achieving this goal, with the added benefit of reducing water consumption and bills.

Rainwater harvesting is easy to install and maintain, whilst providing cost effective savings on your water consumption; resulting in reduced water bills. Our systems can save thousands of pounds each year on your water bills.

And lets face it; Using drinking water to flush the toilets and water the plants really doesn’t make sense, does it?


  • Reduce water consumption
    Harvested rainwater will collect and automatically be used for in various systems.
  • Tailored to your specific requirements
    Ben & Gaws will create a system specifically catering to your needs.
  • Quick and easy to install and Complete Solution.
    Our Tanks are easy to install. We offer specification, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance of the complete system.


Over 40% of world population is living under water stress.
Water demand is projected to increase by over 55%.
Over 50% of the surface water in India is below good ecological status.

  • Yearly water losses in US through main leakages is 6.5 Gm3 (could supply a 200M population)
  • 8% of global energy is consumed by water and wastewater industry treatment and network processes
  • Flooding events have increased fourfold in the past 20 years

Value Proposition

  • Making the most of your assets and water resources Helping the industry treat and deliver safer water 24/7, at lower operating cost, using less energy
  • We deliver efficiency across the entire water cycle, Ben & Gaws is a global technology player with products, solutions and services that covers from field to enterprise. We have references in each of the areas of the water cycle within different domains that exemplify our performance.

Our Services

We provide specialist data, expertise and support to private and public organizations to understand complex and critical water management issues, and to design, install, operate and maintain effective water treatment, flow control and hydrometric data system.

Note: We are manufacturer and supplier of Water Treatment Plant , Rain water harvesting Plant for India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Jordon, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Ethiopia, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Colombia.