BEN & GAWS manufactures liquid fuel, chemicals and bio gas storage tanks by using ‘ULTRA HIGH TENSILE & HIGH YIELD’ steel coated with ‘MARINE GRADE’ Zinc-Aluminium-Silicon alloy or Magnesium alloy which guarantees best available surface protection against corrosion in harsh environments like saline environment in coastal regions, regions with high snow fall or rain and industrial environments with high ammonia concentration, high alkaline or acidic environments etc.

These liquid storage tanks consist of inside membrane which are chemically stable and anti-static in nature and can be used for the storage of different types of chemicals, liquid fuels and bio gas.

Therefore, stored liquid doesn’t come to the contact with structural steel and rests inside the membrane.

DESIGN: The design of BEN & GAWS liquid storage tanks is made according to the loads  on tank wall derived from American standard ANSI- ASAE or German standard DIN 1055 1987 , wind load calculation (standard for 180 kmph)follows German standard DIN 1055-4:2005-03,snow & ice load calculation follows German standard DIN 1055-5: 2005-07.

TYPE OF LIQUID STORAGE TANKS: BEN & GAWS manufactures A. Cylindrical liquid storage tanks (made of 1. Zinc-Aluminium-Silicon Alloy coated steel, 2. Magnesium Alloy coated steel, 3. 600 gm Hot Dipped Galvanized steel, 4. Epoxy Coated Steel, 5. Stainless Steel) , B. Square Tanks and C. Glass-fused Steel Tanks depending on applications.

CAPACITY RANGE: BEN & GAWS manufactures cylindrical bolted steel tanks with inside liners from 2.39 meter diameter and 5.02 cubic meter up to 34 meter diameter and 9000 cubic meter capacity. Square tank starts from 3 x 3 x 1 m dimension and 9 cubic meter capacity and goes up to 23 x 23 x 4 meter dimension and 2116 cubic meter capacity.

STEEL USED: BEN & GAWS uses UNI EN 10346: 2009 S350 GD+Z grade ultra-high tensile and high yield steel with fine molecular structure and controlled internal purity. It combines outstanding mechanical properties like fatigue resistance, toughness and formability along with abrasion resistance.

LIQUID STORAGE TANK ROOF: Heavy duty commercial roofs are produced for specific geographical condition like seismic zone & snow load with 7° to 15° slope to compliment the angle of the products with maximum roof load capacity 8,690 kg.

Roofs are fitted with ‘Inspection Gate’, ‘Roof Ladder’, ‘Portable Inside Ladder’, ‘Roof Vents’, ‘ Level Indicator’ etc.

ROOF SURFACE PROTECTION: Silo roofs are prone to red rust due to weather condition or condensation inside the silos.  BEN & GAWS manufactures roof purlins from Zinc-Aluminium weather coated steel that ensures best available rust prevention technology in the market with 25 years expected life.
LIQUID TANK WALL: BEN & GAWS uses ultra-high tensile and high yield corrugated side wall sheets with each sheet length 2.7 m and each sheet height 1.12 m. Sheet thickness varies from 6 mm at the bottom to 1.6 mm at the top according to the load experienced in different parts of the wall or cylinder.  75 mm pitch and 16 mm depth corrugation gives maximum strength and better weather protection at the joints. G 600 galvanization with superior alternatives like ‘Zinc -Aluminium’ coating or ‘Magnesium’ coating provides best available surface protection in the market against corrosion.
Industrial Heavy Duty Stiffeners: Up to 3 number of ‘W’ stiffeners per sheet provides maximum strength to the tank wall and with better load transfer to the foundation. Stiffeners are joined by vertical fish plates to guarantee even load distribution. These stiffeners are sheared and bender from black steel and finished with hot dip galvanization. Thickness of the stiffeners varies from 2.5 mm to 6 mm depending load calculation.
WIND RINGS: 50 mm diameter multiple wind rings assure better tightening of the silo wall and better protection against wind. BEN & GAWS standard design includes 180 Kmph wind speed consideration which can be upgraded up to 250 Kmph depending on geographical locations.
LINER / MEMBRANE: Liners or Membranes are made of PVC, reinforced with compressed multilayer nylon mesh with options like Butyl Rubber or EPDM. Liners are pre-fabricated as one piece ‘bag’ to fit inside the liquid storage tank. These non-sticky and chemically stabilized liners are made of UV-stabilized and antialgae material and tested up to 800,000 folds before cracking.
BOLTING: JS 1000 grade galvanized hardware exceeds 1000 hours of salt spray test which provides high corrosion resistance and neoprene EPDM backed washer protects zinc coating of the sheet at bolted section and provides watertight joints
NOZZLES & FLANGES: HOT-DIPPED Galvanized or Stainless Steel nozzles along with flanges, corrugation spacers and load bearing plates are provided according to the applications in a way that nozzle-assembly load doesn’t get transferred to the liquid tank wall. Nozzle sizes vary from 50 mm to 450 mm.
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