BEN & GAWS is the provider of complete firefighting solution at highest standards to ensure safety at industrial, commercial or residential places and the process starts with understanding fire, identifying probable sources of industry specific fire hazards and end customers’ requirement. At BEN & GAWS, we keep collecting and analyzing data on probable fire conditions and related parameters on progress of fire in different conditions as a part of our continuous development and research procedure to ensure our end clients that we are not just installing equipment rather we understand the exact need and we are providing effective system for the specific condition.

Our advanced firefighting solutions are based on :

  • Water
    Automatic sprinklers along with modular water tanks, motors, nozzles, piping network and thermo-sensitive devices help to detect fire and thereafter to extinguish it or to stop propagation.
  • Water mist.
    This is an effective solution to extinguish dangerous fires with the help of a specially designed nozzle that sends water droplets to a specific direction, water droplets absorb large quantity of heat from fire and turns into steam and separate oxygen supply to the fire, therefore fire gets suppressed without decreasing oxygen percentage and breathability in the adjacent areas.


  • Foam.
    A mixture of water, foaming agent and air is used to generate a continuous blanket of foam, which is lighter than all liquid fuels and water, that extinguishes the fire by cooling, preventing expansion of flames and by suppressing hydrocarbon vapors.



  • Inert gas.
    A pressurized and equal mixture of inert gases is used to decrease the oxygen concentration below 14% in the fire hazard area to cease the fire. This mixture is odorless, colorless and electrically non-conductive. This is known as clean agent and can be used in control rooms, library, electrical substations, cable rooms etc.
  • Co2.
    Carbon dioxide is used to extinguish the fire through cooling effect and through reduction of oxygen in the combustion area. This odorless, colorless, non-corrosive electrically non-conductive gas can be used in electrical, electronics and other equipment stations for fire extinguishing without damaging the materials those come into the contact.We also offer ‘High Sensitivity Smoke Detection System’ as well as ‘Conventional Alarm System’.We offer industry specific solution for firefighting for the followings:

    • Electrical Substations.
    • Oil and Gas stations.
    • Data processing or storage centers.
    • Library.
    • Chemical industry.
    • Computer centers.
    • Industrial Sheds and buildings.
    • Telephone stations.
    • Museum.
    • Art or Painting Gallery.
    • Institutional buildings.
    • Commercial buildings.


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