When we produce something, purchase something or even grow something the first thing that pops in our heads is storage and preservation. Everyone always needs a good storage system that is protective and enduring. There are many products that are produced on a very large scale and are required to be stored for a long time. These products may be grains, wheat, cereal, sawdust, woodchips and even water for different purposes. Thus, to store items in such big amount bigger containers and storage tanks are required. These storage containers are called silos and water tankers. Both have different types, sizes and properties according to the need and use.

Silos: Definition, types and uses

Silos largely structured containers used for storing items in bulk for a long time. Silos are used to store agricultural products and yields, like sugarcane, wheat, rice husk. They are also used to store coal, petroleum, cement and so on. These products are used in these containers to protect it from water, humidity, pests and even fungi. There are many different kinds of silos.

  • Tower silo: Tower silos are tall, cylindrical silos. They can be about 90 feet high. These silos are used to store wood chips, grain and cement. These silos vary and cost on the basis of durability, air tightness, and height. They are made up of steel and concrete. In different countries, these silos are manufactured and supplied in a specified part or state of the country. For example, wood chips storage silo suppliers in India are specially found in western and south western Indian states.
  • Concrete stave silos: Concrete stave silos are made up of concrete blocks that are interlocked in a high strength grid. Concrete is very strong, and can bear high pressure, compression and tension. These silos are used to store agricultural and farming products and materials.
  • Cement storage silos: Cement storage silos are used to store cement and other powered materials like fuel ash. These silos are provided with a weighing meter and digital media that shows how much of the product is left after unloading.
  • Bag silos: Bag silos are high strength tubes or pipes, which are sealed with high quality plastic on both the sides. The sizes of the bag silos are decided according to the amount of the product to be stored. These silos are mainly used during the harvest season.
  • Bins: A bin is shorter than a typical silo and is used for storing dry products like grains, wood chips and cement.
  • Bunker silos: Bunker silos are like compact channels, with concrete walls on the sides. These kinds of silos are cheap to set up and can store large and bulky products.

The above mentioned are the types of silos used for storing different kinds of raw materials and products. They are manufactured and supplied in large numbers due to its extensive usage.

Water tanks: Types and uses

Water tanks are big sized containers used to store water. Water may be stored for various purposes like, drinking purposes, agricultural purposes, animal husbandry, storing water for the animals, in factories and industries and manufacturing and so on.  There are basically three kinds of water tankers.

  • Ground water tank: The ground water tankers mostly receive water from wells and absorbed water. These water tankers are very useful during disasters and crisis.
  • Water towers: Water towers are elevated tankers, held up by strong pillars. These tankers are designed to hold millions of gallons of water. The suppliers of water storage tank supply these tankers to large parts of a country as it is mostly in demand. Due to its durability, strength, and pressure efficient properties these are also largely used by industries and factories.
  • Chemical tanks: These kinds of tanks are used to store large amount of chemicals. These tanks are made it a way that do not get destroyed while storing chemical.

Water is prone to many bacteria, algae and fungi which can easily contaminate gallons of water. So, the water tankers are made very carefully to fight such micro organisms. There is although one more kind of water tank called the firewater water tank. These are large cylindrical tankers to carry gallons of water for fire disasters and fire brigade uses. These tankers have to be set up on the fire wagon and travelled during the emergency, so these are designed in that way. The suppliers and manufacturers are given international guidelines for its construction and design. The fire water storage tank in India, is one such large scale business for tank supply.