Citing the shortage of water in last few years, people have turned towards the option of rain water harvesting in order to stop rainwater from flowing away and store it for future use. This rainwater harvesting can be done over the roof of the house or at your garden and for this purpose you need to have a rainwater tank. When you search for rainwater tanks for your building, you will come across various types of plants in the market which are made up of different materials. If you have searched for steel tanks specifically, you might have come across zincalume tanks.

Here, let’s try to compare zinc alume water tank with poly water tank. Let’s try to find out the answers of few questions like what zincalume steel is and what are the differences between both these types of tanks?

What is Zincalume steel?

Few decades back, the iron metal coated in zinc alloy was the popular option for roofs, sheds and rainwater tanks. Around 1976, zincalume steel was introduced in the market and soon became a most preferred choice for roofs of the buildings. A Zincalume tank manufacturer while giving information about the manufacturing of zincalum said that, it is made up of iron which is dipped in specially blended aluminium, zinc and small amount of silicon. It is highly resistant to corrosion even in moist weather conditions.

In past few year manufacturers have generated next generation of zincalume steel which contains magnesium in its mixture. This new technology gives higher protection against corrosion.

If you compare the long-lasting capacity, the old generation of zincalume steel can last up to 25 years, while the next generation zincalume still can last up to 35 years.

zincalume water tank is made up of special type of steel which is fabricated with poly lining from inside. They can also be lined with polyethylene. The lining is done in order to protect the steel from corrosion due to water.

What are poly tanks?

Poly tanks which are being manufactured nowadays are generally made to resist the heat from sunlight and are safe to store drinking water. These tanks are made up of polythene which is food grade UV stabilised. In the process of fabrication of poly tanks, plastic is heated up. Then it is spun rotationally and ten cooled down so that it sets. Poly tanks are moulded as two pieces joined together with the help of welding procedure or as one piece often without side closures.

People normally prefer the one-piece poly tanks. However, it is important to make sure that the tank is reliable for storing the water in normal atmospheric conditions and is certified for the quality-controlled manufacturing.

Comparison between poly tank and zinc alume tank

  • Cost- Zinc alume water tanks are little bit expensive than the poly water tanks. The increase in the cost depends upon the size, style and manufacturer.
  • Capacity- Zinc alume tanks have greater capacity to hold the water than that of poly tanks. They can hold up to 1,00,000 litres of water while poly tanks can hold only half of this.
  • Styles and shapes- Both these types of tanks are available in round shape. However, zincalum tanks have different type of steel finishes while poly tanks have different colours. There are models of poly tanks available in the market which can be buried underground.
  • Strength- As we all know, steel is always harder than plastic and with inner polythene lining tanks made up of zincalum steel become resistant to corrosion and hence can last for long, says a zinc alume tank manufacturer. While poly tanks if made up of good quality plastic which is resistant to heat gained from sunlight and some other factors, can also last for long.
  • Resistance to corrosion- If zincalume steel tanks are lined with polythene from inside, then they will not get corroded easily. Still, one has to take care that the tank should not come into contact with moisture and chemicals or other thisngs which can cause corrosion like moist soil, advises a well-known Zincalume tank manufacturer. With Poly tanks you will not face this problem but there are certain factors which can damage those tanks.
  • Maintenance- If you take proper care so that the inner polythene lining does not break, then you don’t have to spend much on maintenance. You can also set up self-cleaning system to keep the tank clean, says a zinc alume tank manufacturer. The same can be done with poly tanks. You can install self-cleaning system and keep the maintenance cost low.

This is all about tanks made up of zincalume steel and poly tanks. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the one best suited to your needs.