Comparison between zincalume water tanks and poly tanks

Citing the shortage of water in last few years, people have turned towards the option of rain water harvesting in order to stop rainwater from flowing away and store it for future use. This rainwater harvesting can be done over the roof of the house or at your garden and for this purpose you need […]

Things to know about firewater storage tanks

Fire can break out at any place, at any time due to number of different reasons and when it breaks out, it causes huge damage of property as well as life. Therefore, housing societies, factories and various offices are now paying great attention towards the measures necessary for safeguarding life and property from fire. One […]

Storage of Biomass: Woodchips and Agricultural Residues

Biomass or bio energy is the energy produced by burning wood and agricultural left over respectively. Burning biomass products emits carbon dioxide and is classified under source renewable source of energy. Renewable sources of energy are those sources which will never get exhausted and the earth will never run out of it. Biomass basically uses […]

Different Ways of Storage: Silos and Water Tanks

When we produce something, purchase something or even grow something the first thing that pops in our heads is storage and preservation. Everyone always needs a good storage system that is protective and enduring. There are many products that are produced on a very large scale and are required to be stored for a long […]

Dry Bulk Storage

Design: The design of BEN & GAWS dry bulk storage silos is made according to the loads  on silo bins derived from American standard ANSI- ASAE EP 433:88 REV 2006 or German standard DIN 1055 1987 , wind load calculation (standard for 180 kmph)follows German standard DIN 1055-4:2005-03,snow & ice load calculation follows German standard […]

Fuel, Bio Gas & Chemical Storage

BEN & GAWS manufactures liquid fuel, chemicals and bio gas storage tanks by using ‘ULTRA HIGH TENSILE & HIGH YIELD’ steel coated with ‘MARINE GRADE’ Zinc-Aluminium-Silicon alloy or Magnesium alloy which guarantees best available surface protection against corrosion in harsh environments like saline environment in coastal regions, regions with high snow fall or rain and […]

Water Treatment Plants

Ben & Gaws is specialized on turnkey wastewater treatment projects, wherein the contaminants are removed from wastewater as well as household sewage, to produce waste stream or solid waste suitable for discharge or reuse. Wastewater treatment methods are categorized into three sub-divisions, physical, chemical and biological. Levels of Wastewater Treatment options may be classified into […]

Firefighting Complete Solutions

FIREFIGHTING SOLUTIONS: BEN & GAWS is the provider of complete firefighting solution at highest standards to ensure safety at industrial, commercial or residential places and the process starts with understanding fire, identifying probable sources of industry specific fire hazards and end customers’ requirement. At BEN & GAWS, we keep collecting and analyzing data on probable […]