“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

And we at Ben and Gaws, deliver Excellence. Not as an act but a habit.

At Ben and Gaws we know that our human resources are our true assets. We not only provide them with a workplace to demonstrate their skills and competence, but provide opportunities for amplifying their potential and make steady career progressions.

Human Capital after all is imperishable and we believe in making it possible for our team to experience excellence at work!

OUR VALUES The team at Ben and Gaws is young, is vibrant and is eager to make a difference. While we take pride in our technical abilities, we know that it is our core values that shape our culture and future.

  • Highest standard of excellence to manufacturing of dry bulk solid and liquid storage solutions, water treatment plants, grain processing plants.
  • Encouraging a culture of technical innovation and professionalism.
  • Bringing onboard talented individuals from diverse walks of life and treating each other with respect, humility and equality
  • Working collectively for driving success through customer satisfaction


We were six people initially when Ben and Gaws was started. We are over thirty today, and we will soon be growing that number. Our culture is that of eagerness and enthusiasm and we make it possible for our team members to take a laughing face back home every night.


Maturity comes from the knowledge that in order to grow we need to learn, re-learn and un-learn. We take pride in the brains and spirits working at Ben and Gaws, but instead of letting it rust and wear away we believe in bringing sheen to it!

At Ben and Gaws from Talent Acquisition to Talent Transformation and Leadership, we have extensive career development programs in place for the right individual.


This is after all the digital era, and we are literally going paperless. We are as such looking for people who can impress us beyond their 2 page resumes!

We believe that no paper is proof enough of your potential and capabilities. So if you think you have it in you, let’s get the world to see it!

Career Openings with Ben and Gaws


We are in search of ignited spirits willing to dream big together!

We are in search of minds who are driven towards innovation and seek growth through their endeavours.

If you think you have the soul to be a leader contact us and be a part of our leadership team! Current Openings:

  • Lead Designer/Drafter
  • Head – Sales and Business Development
  • Project Manager
  • Head – Finance and Accounting


Like Stephen Covey said, “The amateur salesman sells products; the professional sells solutions to needs and problems!”

If you think you have the grit and enthusiasm of a professional then our team is the right place for you! Because we are not simply selling grain and liquid storage tanks – we are providing a solution to the needs of the industry. Current Openings:

  • Growth Hacking Specialist
  • Business Development Executive


We need the techies and the specialists to get the real work done! If the sales team is the face of our brand, our technical heads are the ones who keep the face of the brand!

If you are a techie in spirit and want to be a part of a team that is breaking conventions and changing the way storage solutions are perceived, then we will be the right fit for you!

Current Openings:

  • Designer and/or Drafter
  • Machine Operator and/or Installation Specialist
  • Tank and Silo Builders
  • Designer and/or Drafter
  • Machine Operator and/or Installation Specialist
  • Tank and Silo Builders

Didn’t find something that suits you? How about getting in touch with us anyway? We may be able to find something for you.


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  • Ben and Gaws is an equal opportunity employer. The right candidate will not be refused employment on grounds of religion, race, community, gender or any other such parameters
  • We or our consultants do not ask for any payments for the interview and selection process.
  • All openings are currently for New Delhi, India.