About Us

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where it should be. Now put the foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau

Castles are fascinating structures – but what’s enticing about them is that they do not perish, at least not in a hundred years. And that’s what societies should be working towards – finding solutions to basic challenges, like food grain and other industrial solid, water, fuel & other industrial liquid storage to support generations for hundred years.

The challenges of grain and drinking water storage, specially, have seen epic dimensions with civilizations expanding. There are millions across countries who cannot be fed and don’t have access to drinking water because of no permanent solution to storage. At Ben and Gaws, this is the mission we have set for ourselves – not just to find the answer, but be the answer.

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Ben and Gaws is the answer to next-gen manufacturing of ‘green’ storage solutions for dry bulk solid and liquid along with grain processing plants, water treatment solutions and firefighting solutions. Our team is young, vibrant and energetic with the zeal to do something new. We can’t show you a lineage of 100 years – but we can do it in better and smarter ways that will be valued for a hundred years.

Our Mission
The concept of grain, industrial solids & liquids and water storage is neither unique nor exclusive, it’s just the way we help modern organizations undertake it, is what makes us different.

In the animal kingdom for instance, animals collect and store food for harsher times; even the pre-historic humans stored food, water and supplies for the winter. Now grain, water & fuel storage is as essential as the air we breathe – and that’s the mission we are talking about.

At Ben and Gaws, we are here to transform the manner in which organizations and communities look towards agricultural and industrial storage. We live in a generation where we must be able to anticipate what the future will be in need of. We are therefore not here to provide the mundane, the tested or the obsolete. We combine eco-friendly, cutting-edge technology with simplicity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, to give to our clients the new-age solution to complete storage facilities and processing equipment.

Communities are growing bigger and spaces are getting smaller. There is way to serve communities without being brutal. And we will help you to achieve that.

The History
Sorry – we don’t have a history to narrate (we are a young team after all)! But we don’t want to look back. So, instead of ‘history’ let us share with you Our Story!

Our Story
When 12 individuals – driven, and committed, full of ideas, competence, knowhow and global expertise get together, you can expect the outcome to be perfect. And that’s where we at Ben and Gaws began its journey.

Our team is young, but we are not amateurs.  Our members have previously been serving in similar capacities for leading organizations across continents. With backing from our team in the UK for end-to-end design, engineering and technical support, we come with the world-class expertise and experience complemented with knowledge of cutting-edge technology and market needs.

It’s not surprising therefore that in a very short span of time, we have established ourselves as a favourite among many Indian and International organizations providing them with complete solutions for all liquid and bulk storage needs!

At Ben and Gaws we know that there is a gap in the market. And our brains and effort is committed towards erasing the gap by serving the industrial needs in a better and smarter way!

Our Team
There are some people who believe in working for greater good. And being a part of finding industrial storage solutions and manufacturingfor the same, is a form of doing greater good. So, here’s a sneak peek into the team who believe in the mission and are working relentlessly at it with a common vision:


Harassment Policy: At Ben and Gaws we are against harassment of any sort. We maintain decorum at the workplace and provide a safe environment to all employees, to carry out their duties, without facing of any form of discrimination and/or harassment.

  • Zero tolerance for any kind of gesture, whether verbal, non-verbal or of a sexual nature, such that a person feels intimidated, embarrassed, humiliated or offended.
  • All reported incidents will be investigated in detail and disciplinary action will be taken, including dismissal from duties and employment.
  • Any type of negative stereotyping, offensive statements related to religion/race/community, threats, written or graphic content, comments and epithets etc. when reported will be regarded as harassment.

Ethical Conduct
As an organization, we value integrity, honesty and professionalism in business. Any kind of non-ethical conduct or misconduct, violation of regulatory and/or legal policies, financial misrepresentation by employees or any associate will not be tolerated as will be subjected to disciplinary action. At Ben and Gaws we support reporting of any such incident or concerns to management immediately so as to take disciplinary action against the offender(s). Individual acts of misconduct as such should not be attributed to the company.

So, now that you know about our team, our mission and the silos and storage solutions we are here to help you with, why not get in touch with us? We promise you of a hearty and insightful conversation if nothing else!